Changing Bellaire

ALTHOUGH PEOPLE like to resist, change can be a good thing. Often times it is the necessary thing.

Bellaire Village Council will meet Thursday. It is a session that may spawn several changes as a handful of ordinances which would alter village procedures are before council members.

Some of those ordinances, if enacted, may prove positives for the All-American Town.

Ordinance 2013-15 deals with commercial trailers larger than 12-feet in length within the village. Bellaire has witnessed a major influx of such trailers in recent months. Many are unsightly and others seen as nuisances.

The aforementioned ordinance puts greater restrictions and possible penalties on trailers. If passed, the village may become a more attractive venue with the village coffers also adding some revenue.

Ordinance2013-17 brings the alteration of buildings under more enhanced scrutiny. Specifications and costs would have to be submitted to the village with a permit needed to commence work. This appears a reasonable piece of legislation.

Ordinance 2013-18 would update the recently formulated employee handbook, specifically absenteeism. Absences of more than three consecutive days would require obtaining a doctor’s release prior to returning to work. Forms requesting time off must be filed prior to all leaves, except for sick leave. The falsification of any documents will be grounds for immediate discharge, pending a disciplinary hearing.

Worker accountability is a good thing as well as a needed one. This ordinance would yield a more productive and reliable work force.

Bellaire Village Council still needs to decide the fate of the aforementioned ordinances. We view all three being a step forward for the All-American Town.