Flushing council meets tonight

FLUSHING – Streets and alleys as well as water and sewer matters will be discussed tonight at 6 during a special meeting of Flushing Village Council.

Residents from Stratton Lane were at village council’s regular meeting about upkeep and paving of that street on which seven homes and a group home are located.

Councilmen Charles Campanizzi, Randy Twarog and Tom Bober are on the council’s street and alley committee, and it was reported two estimates had been obtained for work on Stratton Lane and Spring Street, and another estimate is needed.

Campanizzi said money is available for the work on Stratton Lane, but it will be necessary to wait to get it paved. According to Councilman Randy Twarog, if the village lets it go any longer, it will cost more money as it will be necessary to chip it. Bober commented it needs a good base and if there isn’t a good base, the paving won’t be any good.

According to the discussion, estimates already have been received, but are not complete as they don’t include a base or a turnaround.

Mayor Barbara Bashline said Stratton Lane has never been paved and has only been tarred and chipped. She added that it’s not that officials don’t want to keep it up, but officials have talked about Spring Street for five years and there’s always a reason that no work is done there.

The mayor added she had talked about paving in January and wanted the committee to get the work scheduled.

Campanizzi said the people on Stratton Lane have waited 14 years for work to be done and that’s long enough.

A Stratton Lane resident asked for it to be in black and white as to what will be done and whether the residents would leave the regular meeting with an answer.

Bashline said if estimates are more than $50,000, it would necessary to seek bids. She added the village now has $52,000, and it took years to get that money. Also, the mayor added there is a multitude of streets needing paving as every one of the streets in the village is getting bad.

According to the discussion, the best deal would be getting a package involving work on Stratton Lane and Spring Street.

Twarog asked Bober to write down what Stratton Lane needs, and he would call a paving company.

A motion was approved to seek three estimates for work on Stratton Lane and Spring Street and to ask the companies if they still can do the work this year.

Twarog also requested the special meeting, which will be tonight.

In other matters, Village Administrator Jody Vancuren reported the sewer line between Wood and Marketan streets was backed up but was cleared out with the recently purchased, used jetter.

He also reported the summer youth program has been extended for another two months, and one person from that program is working in the village.

A few trees have been trimmed, and work is needed on some others, according to Vancuren. He also said the basketball and tennis courts have been washed, and nets are needed as is work on the courts.

Campanizzi said it had been reported to him that there is no hot water in the park. Vancuren said he would check, and he thinks one element might not be working.

Vancuren said to repair all the drains in the ballfields would cost about $8,500, and he thought maybe work could be done on one field at a time.

Two motions, made by Council President Pro-Tem Corey Alexander, were approved. One is to act on the administrator’s report and to rent some equipment for work on all the trees. The other is to go ahead to to fill in the cracks, resurface and restripe the basketball and tennis courts and to purchase nets.

An estimate of $3,800 was obtained from Premium Asphalt for work on the courts.

Two residents asked why some junked vehicles have not been moved yet in the village. Solicitor Christopher Gagin said they have been exploring the Ohio Basic Code about the vehicles. The police department has compiled a list of names regarding the junked vehicles, and the two residents were told the Ohio Basic Code would be followed in regard to them.

Another resident said the village water bills contain information that residents are to keep weeds and grass cut. He added grass needs cut on the property where the Village Restaurant burned, and he described it as a hazard, noting there are rats and raccoons there.

Still another resident said the county was to sign the papers to own that property soon, and there has been assurance it will be cleaned up. The county, according to the resident, said plans are to build a new senior center there.

Updating officials on several financial matters, Clerk-Treasurer Jeryl McGaffick said a second settlement of approximately $2,500 is expected soon.

Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Fregiato thanked the community and area for their support, adding he will continue to be passionate about his work on the bench. He formerly served as Northern Division County Court judge.

Police Officer Don Collette reported 52 traffic stops and 23 citations. He mentioned a trash problem in one area and the need to cite the owner if cleanup is not done.

Council said the owner has been notified about the problem and was given two weeks to have the cleanup done.

The memorial wall at Schuler Park was discussed, and officials decided to enter into partnership with the Ruritan Club about maintaining the wall.

Trick or treat is scheduled Oct. 31 from 5-7 p.m., and residents wishing to give treats are to have their porch lights on.