Library Support


We are privileged to live in a country that has libraries.

It has been said that free libraries should be available to all of the American people. With one little swipe of a card we can access the world, be it through books or the internet.

Belmont County District Library (formerly known as Martins Ferry Public Library) needs our help. In 83 years the library has never asked for help. With 5 branches (Bethesda, Bridgeport, Powhatan, Shadyside and Flushing) and the main library in Martins Ferry, the costs have skyrocketed.

To restore services and operating hours, the public needs to pass a 1 mill levy.

That comes out to approximately $35.00 a year for a home that is valued at $100,000. That is just a little over the price of a book.

Stop in your local library and see what it has to offer. If you don’t have a card, get one and start exploring. The librarians will help you with any of your needs. As individuals we need to support our libraries.

Give Belmont County District Library a YES vote on Nov. 5. When you are done voting, go to your library and enjoy all it has to offer.


  • Bethesda