Having Faith

Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago I wrote a letter that mentioned the phrase, “beware the good Nazi”

Its meaning is this. A person who believes they are part of a system that they feel will save them will allow that system to basically influence all their emotional and pragmatic thought process. Many Germans in the early 1930s would have never thought that within six years they would be reporting each other to the “brown shirts” or setting up the Jewish people as scapegoats for all their problems.

There is always a false shepherd, a corrupt leadership that seeks to rule and they always seem to follow a set pattern. They pretend to be righteous. They pretend to be Patriotic. They offer to fix the economy. They create external and internal fear. But the most fearful thing they they accomplish is selling a society with little integrity or honor on the theory of moral relativism.

Our strength becomes our weakness. To defeat the enemies of life we must become like the enemy. Honesty must be replaced by deceit. Dissent must be replaced by silence. The truthseekers must be treated with contempt.

The actions of the government becomes the actions of society.

We have a guideline that stops this but history shows we always deny its power. Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”

When man denies the moral absolute that is the teachings of the Bible he soon degenerates into the false belief that he controls his own destiny. That is Satan’s greatest weapon. Let man think he does not need the saving grace of Christ. I’m a history major. History shows that empires will always fall, even those who start out with the moral imperative of faith in Christ. They soon forget him and follow their sin (humanism, moral relativism, corruption of Scripture). But those of faith have a clear hope. His kingdom is coming. Sin will be defeated. When that happens, truth, justice, and love will reign forever.


Randy Marple