5-Star has the industry covered

ST. CLAIRSVILLE The budding oil and gas industry locally continues to expand as oil pads are going up across the valley.

In order to extract the rich resources locked away deep within the Earth, the process of hydraulic fracturing is utilized to assist in this process. But to do so requires a great amount of water.

That’s where 5-Star Frac Support Services LLC comes in.

Headquartered near Indiana, Pa and with a branch office in St. Clairsville adjacent to Tim’s Custom Installation at 66950 Pogue Rd.

In short, 5-Star specializes in multipurpose water transfer solutions with a series of pumps and pipes.

A company purchases the water and 5-Star handles everything in between from water source to the actual start of the fracking process.

They monitor water to the frac, the flowing back of fluids from the well and the filtering of the water for reuse.

Operations Manager Matt Hammel helped develop a system for storage, disposal and returning water to the next frac that involved 152 frac tanks hooked in unison.

Anyone with storage and transport capabilities can move water from its source to the job site.

What sets 5-Star apart from the competition is its people and their dedication to quality work. The family owned company is also dedicated to its staff which has enabled 5-Star to build a roster of experienced and industry-savvy staff.

Take Hammel for example. The operations manager has years of field experience, including time spent working in high elevations in Colorado.

Given the three key elements when dealing with water usage and transport are elevation, speed and pressure, his experience out West is invaluable.

Temperature also plays a large key, given the potential for cold winters here in the Ohio Valley.

Oil and gas companies can’t simply take a few months off and wait for better weather. No, the work must go on and the experienced staff at 5-Star insures that happens.

He devised a glycol wrap to place around the piping and using that, combined with forced air heaters keeps the water from reaching freezing temperatures.

5-Star’s customers have been extremely happy with its work. It’s not the largest water transportation company around, but it is successful in striving to be the best and perform the best work. It’s emphasis on customer focus has led 5-Star to having to turn down a few jobs because the company didn’t want to stretch itself too thin and not be able to meet the quality and timetable demands of current projects.

“We’ll say no to a producer today so we can say yes tomorrow,” said Gabe Kissel, the business development manager for 5-Star Frac Support Services.

Some of the same owners of 5-Star also own WGM Gas Company Inc. WGM handles everything from reclamation and pipelining to roustabout crews, containment, and rig moves as well as site construction. More information can be found by visiting www.5starfrac.com or www.wgmgascompany.com

5-Star Frac Support Services’ equipment and services are second to none. But it’s the company’s people and their expertise that places them a cut above.

For more info, call (724) 397-8461.

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