Buckeye continues to stress safety

TILTONSVILLE – Progress made in improving safety and security practices in recent weeks was central to reports shared as part of the monthly meeting of the Buckeye Local School District Board of Education held Monday at Buckeye South Elementary School.

Buckeye South Elementary Principal Kim Leonard updated board members about recent progress made in safety and security practices by staff and students alike. Leonard offered that there were positive results of recent assessment efforts at the schoolby personnel from the Mingo Junction-based firm, “START LLC., Special Tactics And Rescue Training.”

The unique disabled-veteran-owned award-winning small business has a client base which spans the globe, is headquartered locally, was founded and continues to be led by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Frank Hoagland, a senior chief at the time of his injury-driven retirement.

Hoagland and his wife, Darla, have deep personal ties to the district which include having seen their sons come through the school district as students.

Leonard reported on the most recent efforts to raise the level of personal awareness and attention to safety related details large and small by both students and teachers alike has already increased the overall level of security within the building.

She noted the positive impact directly connecting the district’s youngest students to improved safety practices has and will continue to have on the effort within the building in Tiltonsville.

The two agreed some of those changes, while seeming basic to many, if left unattended, can invite development of otherwise avoidable or preventable security and safety hazards.

Among improvements being recommended for implementation within all schools in the district are increased signage meant to funnel general public traffic flow in and around a building; mandatory personal identification items such as lanyards and nametags; as well as how and where students, teachers and guests in the building can gain entry and then move through the hallways of a specific building;

Hoagland was present at the meeting Monday to present his firm’s monthly update to the board on the assessment and mitigation efforts accomplished .

The next meeting of the school board is slated for Monday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. at West Elementary School in Adena.

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