At the Bank

Dear Editor

I was at the Chase Bank in Bellaire, Ohio.

I parked down the street and walked up due to a large amount of parked vehicles outside the bank.

Inside the bank there were only a few customers so I walked out and looked at the vehicles parked on the street.

What I saw enraged me.

Each of the vehicles parked there had village stickers.

Each of the vehicles parked in the parking spots that the bank relies upon to do business were taken up by VILLAGE employees.

I ran into a 90-year-old old lady with a walker that had to walk all the way from the back parking lot due to the lack of street spots available.

This is wrong.

I could name names, but I am going to refrain from doing just that.

I will just say this to the general public:

I was able to clearly see at least two council members vehicles as well as two clearly marked village employee vehicles. The last spot was taken up by a village vehicle with the village markings clearly upon it.

The village lot is available FOR FREE to all village employees, council members and staff.

I would ask as a person who banks at Chase as well as a member of the general community that the parking pass be once again restricted to the village parking lot.

This should be a ‘no brainer’ for people who say they support the local businesses. Please fix this.

Dan Brown