Tea Party

Dear Editor

Maybe it is time for a little history lesson. Let’s take a brief look back in an attempt to understand why the left in Erica finds it necessary to pain the Tea Party as the enemy of “real Americans.” With members of Congress calling members of the Tea Party names like “Domestic Terrorist”, suicide bomber, and black mailer; with support from many in the media, is it any wonder so many people have a negative attitude them. In Social Media recently there have been calls for interning conservatives in “reeducation camps” and even for their execution. There is a historical basis for this behavior.

When the ancient Roman Empire was in its decline the individuals needed a scape goat. They found them in a new little understood religion; Christianity. They were easy to blame. After all, they refused to honor the old Gods. They were Atheists. They were different.

In the post-Civil War Reconstruction South, White Southern Democrats needed someone to blame for the plight they found themselves in. Again, an easy choice presented itself. Another minority, with little real political power was an easy target, the Black race. They formed the KKK and institutionalized their hatred. The easy choice deflected the blame off the politicians and unto an easy target.

In pre-World War II Germany Hitler needed an easy target for the economic disruptions caused by his military buildup. Again, an easy minority was available, the Jew. Blame the Jew and convince people they are at fault. By doing this, Hitler and his government became blameless in the eyes of the people. Many in England and America were happy to go along with this as it gave them cover for the Economic Depression that was happening throughout the world. Blame the Jew and politicians gained cover for their errors.

Today politicians and their media mouth pieces again need a scape goat for their failures. Again, an easy target presents itself, the Tea Party. Like the politicians of ancient Rome, The Reconstruction Era and pre-World War, today’s’ politicians need cover for their errors and corruption. Like those earlier politicians they use half-truths and outright lies to paint their chosen scape goat as anti-establishment. They make disagreeing with the party line appear to be criminal, even treasonous. They brand it as racist because the President happens to be a racial minority. They conveniently forget that less than six years ago they considered similar behavior “patriotic.” Then disagreeing with the president was the height of patriotism; now it is racist and treason.

I submit that the Tea Party is today’s Christian, today’s black, and today’s Jew. Like the corrupt politician of the past, today’s Democrat Party has found a scape goat and has convinced the people that they should hate them. The shame is the tactic seems to be working.

Paul Smathers