Bridgeport man charged with murder of 2-year-old

BELLAIRE – A Bridgeport man is being charged with aggravated murder in connection with the death of a 2-year-old.

Ian Jarrell, 27, is currently in the Belmont County Jail. He is charged in the death of Carter Matthew Caprita.

Bellaire Police Chief Michael Kovalyk held an early Wednesday morning news conference, offering few details on the investigation, but confirmed Jarrell is being charged.

Tuesday, Oct. 1, Kovalyk and Lt. Donna Baroch were dispatched to Belmont Community Hospital at request of hospital officials regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Caprita.

After an investigation involving the Bellaire Police Department, Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, Child Services in Belmont County and the Belmont County Coroner’s Office, Jarrell was arrested and charged with aggravated murder.

Jarrell was living with his girlfriend, Alisha Alltop, at 700 41st St., in Apartment 25 of the Francis Wallace Apartment Complex.

Alltop is the mother of Caprita. The boy’s father is Matthew Caprita.

Kovalyk did not say whether Alltop would face any charges in her son’s death but noted the investigation was ongoing.

Neffs Fire Department was dispatched to the scene on Oct. 1 and transported Caprita to the medical facility.

“Neffs Fire Department and the medical staff did everything they could to try to save this young child,” Kovalyk said. “It’s an unfortunate tragedy. These cases are much harder. We’ve not had much sleep since this has occurred.

“It’s always tragic when a 2-year-old is taken from us.”

Kovalyk would not go into details of the investigation and was unable to comment as to whether the boy’s mother would face any charges.

Kovalyk was also unable to comment whether any previous incidents were reported to child protective services in Belmont County.

He did state that he believes the death penalty is a possibility in this case, because of the age of the victim.

Ohio Revised Code 2929.04 Division A lists reasons for consideration. Subsection 9 reads:

“(9) The offender, in the commission of the offense, purposefully caused the death of another who was under thirteen years of age at the time of the commission of the offense, and either the offender was the principal offender in the commission of the offense or, if not the principal offender, committed the offense with prior calculation and design.”

Kovalyk did not say whether or not it would be pursued.

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