Dear Editor,

Libraries are not a thing of the past, but they could become so. if support is not given to them. The last few years have been very hard on our libraries, as many cuts have been made throughout the county. Libraries are very important to our small communities. They offer so much to the public and IT IS FREE!

There are programs that are offered free of charge to adults and your children as well. Computers for anyone to use, adults as well as students for their homework or research. All it takes is a library card. No – every household does not have a computer! Libraries offer other electronic items, movies, music, magazines and books on tape.

The most important are the many, many books that can help children learn to read and enhance their learning. We adults and children alike can find great pleasures when we choose just the right book for ourselves at our local library. Once again — IT’S ALL FREE!

Please take the time to read on the levy for Belmont County District Libraries and give them your support. They have ours!

Dawn Litten

Judy Willis