Shadyside Levy

Dear Editor

I am a teacher at Shadyside schools and I am so proud to be a part of a wonderful school system. I grew up in Shadyside and graduated from Shadyside High School where I received a qood solid education. Please vote YES on the levy so this tradition continues.

Shadyside School employees: administration, teachers, and other staff work hard for the students, I see it happening everyday. I know for a fact that the staff uses their own money for the students and it is done for the love of the children. Just like in our own households, we try hard to save the district money when we can because times are tough. But it has come time to get financial community support.

Shadyside is lucky to still have a small community school where parents care enough to make sure their children get a solid education. When talking with a parent from another community, who sends their children to our district, they said they love the community closeness and they want to move to Shadyside because of “the wonderful school system and friendly people.”. This is no way a negative comment about any other communities and I believe all communities should support their schools.

It is a fact that our state does not fund education constitutionally and it needs to be changed but until that happens we need to make sure that the children (our children) of Shadyside continue to get support from the community. The staff appreciates the community support and hopes that you will support the levy. We need the community to help us educate your children. Please consider the children of the community and vote YES!

Jackie Kidder