Landmark Move

THE VILLAGE of Bellaire is a community filled with pride. While it has seen better economic times, the All-American Town still relishes its history.

To that effect, Bellaire Village Council has passed an ordinance establishing a historic landmarks commission for the village. It was sparked, in part, by the work being conducted by the Great Stone Viaduct Historical Education Society.

The GSVHES did a tremendous job of promoting and subsequently staging its second annual celebration last month. As part of the event, the Steam Whistle Expo was initiated.

The newly formed commission will be charged with the task of providing for the “protection and enhancement of the distinctive character of the historic resources” of Bellaire. We view it as a worthwhile cause, one that can spawn a sense of excitement and unification in the village.

To get the endeavor started, Bellaire leaders must enlist the service of commission members.

The commission will consist of seven members, four of whom must be residents of the village. The remaining members may be non-residents who have personally engaged in active business enterprise of profession within the village during the previous five years from their appointment to the commission.

Identifying seven quality commission members should be no problem. We challenge those individuals deemed worthy of the appointments, to answer their call to duty.

Nominations will be accepted from the board of trustees of the Bellaire Glass Museum, the Great Stone Viaduct Historical Education Society and the Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce. All three entities need to be involved in the selection process, tabbing prospective members who possess knowledge and interest in architectural preservation, design and history.

Bellaire has a rich history, one worth preserving. The landmark commission is a notable undertaking.

The key to making it work is seating the best qualified commission members.

We urge all those with a vested interest and passion for the history of the All-American town to step forward and do their civic duty.