Dear Editor,

Recently I received a letter, unsigned and sans a return address, highly critical of me because of my letter to the editor where the writer claimed I unjustifiably dissed the current president. I am a big believer in Harry S. Truman’s theory regarding heat and kitchens. Believe me the heat in the kitchen doesn’t bother me at all. An anonymous letter has the same effect on me as the proverbial water on a ducks back, especially when I know I am right. In this letter he or she postulated that I was probably hearing voices and therefore a threat to society. Well, I am far too old and tired to be a threat to anybody or anything. However, figuratively speaking, I do hear voices.

First of all I hear the voices of the founding fathers asking, “Why is this president and his minions blatantly disregarding the Constitution in general and specifically trampling on the Bill of Rights?”

I hear the voice of Roger Williams, one of the first American proponents of religious freedom asking. “What is happening to religious freedom, specifically for Christians and Jews, in the United States?”

I hear Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury asking, “Why does this president think it is possible to spend your way out of debt?”

Another voice I hear is that of Ira Hayes a Native American and one of the Marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. He is asking “Why was a group of students suspended for decorating Red Wing High School in Minnesota with American flags? Why is there so much general disrespect for the flag, the flag that so many have fought and died for.”

General Grant is asking, “Why is this president causing so much unrest within the individual states with law suits and needless regulations that it is threatening the cohesiveness of the Union that I sent so many men into battle to preserve?”

I hear the voice of Martin Luther King asking, “Why is this president doing things that are setting back the race relations that I and so many others worked so hard to improve?”

I hear General Eisenhower asking, “Why did this administration use veterans in general and specifically WWII veterans as pawns in the budget fiasco that they caused?”

Yes, I hear the voice of John F. Kennedy saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

Above all I hear the voices of my grandchildren, some time after I’m gone, asking sadly, ” Why have we lost the high standard of living and the personals freedoms that Nan and Pap had?”

C. Richard Michael

St. Clairsville