Who Cares?

Dear Editor,

A recently published article indicates that a death row inmate who raped and killed a three year old is asking for mercy because he was abused by his father. (He is just now remembering the incidents). The news article says he long denied being abused by his father and is now recalling the events. (HA).

WHO CARES? Not me. My only concern is the three year old victim.

I’m tired of hearing excuses such as:

He or she was molested by a relative.

He or she was drunk or on drugs.

Mental incompetence.

Keep in mind that the drug or alcohol user CHOSE to abuse substances.

No one held them down and forced them to use or overuse anything.

As far as mental incompetence, I’m concerned about one issue, “Did he or she commit the crime?”

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville