Ferry BOE

I read with great interest the letter by Linda Pockl concerning the Martins Ferry Board of Education not allowing the high school to be used as a polling place. Ms. Pokl is absolutely correct saying the School Board is biting the hand that feeds it.

The voters of Martins Ferry decided to spend their money to build the new palace on the hill in Martins Ferry. The school was bought and is being paid for by the tax paying citizens of Martins Ferry. There is no excuse for not letting the building be used for a polling place. The School Board and all those affiliated with the school must realize that they are in their positions, because of the taxpayers of Martins Ferry. The school is not their personal fiefdom.

I realize students safety and security is a priority. Why not use a snow day or one of the scheduled teacher conference days and have the school empty and available to the public (taxpayers) for one day, The students would be inconvenienced by one day but the people footing the bill would not have to travel to Colerain to cast a ballot.

Citizens of Martins Ferry remember that building was erected because you the taxpayers voted to spend your money to put it there. It is not the sole property of the School Board or any faculty members. You, the taxpayers, should remember this the next time the School Board comes looking for more money from you, or they seek reelection!

Thank You

Frank Papini