Bridgeport Council

Dear Editor,

The Court of public opinion is both a powerful ally and a driving force of the political process.

Swaying public opinion is another matter. Swaying public opinion is the responsibility and frankly, the duty of anyone seeking public office. The manner in which this is done can be called into question.

Reference has been made that the current administration has designated candidates to run for the open council seats.The administration of the Village of Bridgeport consist of the mayor, the fiscal officer and the six councilmen. The assumption can be drawn that they are all responsible for “hand-picking” candidates to run against the incumbents.

The residents of Bridgeport are entitled to a slate of candidates for the open council seats. The voters will decide who they would like to be the voice of the people.

The voters should be impressed by those candidates for those candidates that have served ably in the U.S. Armed Forces and applied themselves as exemplary volunteers of the Village of Bridgeport Fire Department. Will the voters be swayed into thinking that these are the main criteria for election?

While attributed of integrity and honor are important, the spirit of cooperation and attention to priorities are equally important to the residents of Bridgeport.

I have announced my candidacy to serve as councilman for the Village of Bridgeport.

I have resided in the village for the past 28 years and served the Ohio Valley as an investment financial advisor for the past 30 years. I am currently President of the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Bridgeport Rotary Club. I represent the Village of Bridgeport as President of the Board of Trustees for the Eastern Ohio Regional Wastewater Authority (EORWA). I also serve on the Foundation Board for Belmont College.

know I can provide direction and sound judgment as it relates to the village.

The residents of Bridgeport have always had the power; the power to elect councilmen who they believe are qualified and able to act in a manner consistent with the best interest of the village in mind, not their own personal agenda.

The essential question will be who can serve without controversy and abide by the ordinance of the Village of Bridgeport and the State of Ohio Code of Ethics.

I recognize that Bridgeport has a proud heritage and is the “Gateway to the West.” I want the residents of Bridgeport to be proud of their village, their administrators and their service departments. If elected, I will do my very best as your councilman to address any concerns and to work with the administration to achieve a bright future for our village.

Vincent Gallagher

Candidate for

Bridgeport Council