More Levies?

Dear Editor,

I have been reading letters to the editor and everyone is needing more financial help. There are levies on the ballot for schools, libraries, fire departments, etc.

Has anyone checked their statements from the County Treasurer? The schools get 54.07 percent of our tax money, and the county only gets 24.78 percent of our taxes. That leaves very little for township and county. Where is this money supposed to come from? I agree that schools lost money when the Power Plant closed but that should mean that schools need to adjust their budget. People are unemployed, insurance rates keep raising, the only jobs available are low paying and the price of everything keeps getting higher and higher,.

I am on a limited income as a lot of senior citizens. We got a raise this year ( a big $15) but then our Medicare was increased along with our prescription rates, plus food, taxes, home insurance, car insurance, gas which more than took care of the increase. We have to budget our income with little extra for our necessities.

So, all should check their income and think about the future. we don’t know what the future brings and it doesn’t look good. Can you afford another levy being deducted from your pay check? I can’t, so that tells you how I will vote.

Audrey Ramsay