Get to the Polls

MANY OF you have already cast your vote via absentee ballot. It is a convenient route to go.

If you are registered and have not taken advantage of early voting, we urge you to get to the polls Tuesday. The country is not electing a president, nor is Ohio selecting a new governor; However, much remains at stake in this general election.

Eastern Ohioans will be deciding the fate of countless municipal races, township contests, board of education positions and funding requests. This election is a grass roots one and one that has generated passionate campaigning.

A host of school districts are in dire need of new and additional funding.

For Bellaire schools, this marks the seventh straight election the district has sought approval of a revenue-creating issue that would help it escape the state loan fund.

The Switzerland of Ohio Board of Education is seeking passage of a levy to help alleviate the major cutbacks instituted after levy defeat in May.

The Shadyside schools’ levy sparked major back-and-forth dialoguing. Superintendent John Haswell has been quite active in his bid to garner support.

The communities of Bellaire and Bridgeport can lay claim to the most spirited municipal races. We hope factions in both towns can work together regardless of how their respective voting turns out.

Two levies we view as worthwhile are the Belmont County senior services renewal as well as the Belmont County District Library levy. Seniors and libraries are both precious commodities.

Polls in Ohio open Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. and remain open until 7:30 p.m. That is ample time for voters to get to their respective election sites.

Voting is a right that people in many countries throughout the world do not possess.

It is one we, as Americans, should not take lightly.