Promising School

THE BELLAIRE School District had a tough day at the polls Tuesday. The district saw a seventh attempt in three years for more funding go down to defeat at the polls.

The 200-vote margin was quite sobering as the millage was greatly reduced this time around. The district was asking for 5.9 mills.

So while the Bellaire school system still must battle funding issues, it does still have something to take great pride in.

For the second time in three years, Bellaire Middle School has been named a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education.

To be so named, a school not only must prove that its students perform at a high level, but that all of its students are performing at a high level.

The recognition is a sparkling tribute to the teachers, students and administration. They are excelling in the face of financial distress.

The funding pinch has forced the teachers and staff to cultivate creative ways to educate their students. They have also been forced to go above and beyond the call of duty, putting in extra time outside of normal classroom hours.

It is also a credit to the students themselves. They have exhibited the wherewithal and desire to achieve as much as possible in the classroom.

Quality instruction falls on deaf ears if the students aren’t willing to take advantage of it. Likewise, even the best students fail to grow unless challenged.

Bellaire Middle School obviously has an ideal mix of both. The St. Joe-based school appears to be home to the perfect learning storm.

We commend all those involved with Bellaire Middle School earning a School of Promise designation. They have delivered an A-plus effort.