Schiffler recertified for excellence

WHEELING Schiffler Cancer Center’s Division of Radiation Oncology at Wheeling Hospital has received a three-year recertification from the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) for its excellence in providing high quality clinical trials.

As the only nationally sanctioned group for radiation oncology, the RTOG reviews all of its approximately 200 sites every three years to ensure exceptional radiation services in clinical cancer trials. The Schiffler Cancer Center’s Division of Radiation Oncology has been an RTOG affiliate site for 17 years and remains the only site in West Virginia.

“Our dedicated and experienced personnel at the Schiffler Cancer Center subscribe to the universally held concept that a true cancer center is one that offers clinical cancer treatment protocols,” said Dr. Jondavid Pollock, radiation oncologist. “No other such site exists in the Wheeling market.”

For 40 years, the RTOG has been a recognized leader in working to increase survival and improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Based in Philadelphia, RTOG is a key clinical research component of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and is funded primarily by the National Cancer Institute.

Since its inception, the RTOG has activated 460 protocols, accrued approximately 90,000 patients to group studies and published more than 800 papers reporting the results of its findings. RTOG provides an infrastructure for clinical investigators from the U.S., Canada and international sites to seek more effective treatments for cancer.

RTOG’s mission is to:

Improve the survival outcome and quality of life of adults with cancer through the conduct of high-quality clinical trials.

Evaluate new forms of radiotherapy delivery.

Test new systemic therapies in conjunction with radiotherapy.

At the Schiffler Cancer Center, current treatment trials are open, and those interested should contact the Radiation Oncology Division at 304-243-3490 or the Medical Oncology Division at 304-243-6442.