Monroe Growth

PORT AUTHORITIES have proven to be an effective economic and development tool.

Belmont County is proof positive such entities pay dividends. Port Authority Director Larry Merry has helped spawn growth throughout the county, ranging from communities on the Ohio River spanning to Barnesville.

Port authorities, operated correctly such as the one in Belmont County, work.

Monroe County officials are now looking to reap the benefits of a port authority.

Monroe County commissioners unanimously agreed to authorize the creation of a port authority. The resolution notes that it is in the best interests of all the people residing in the county.

We believe the move is a prudent one, and one that will help revitalize a county that is experiencing its share of economic issues. Ormet Corp. may never come back to life as an aluminum plant while the school district is mired in debt.

The port authority is no cure-all, but it can help. It will take time, however.

Commissioner John Pyles noted the advantages of a port authority at this week’s meeting. Pyles pointed out that a port authority can pool public and private money, and such a combination can help cultivate business growth.

Once it is up and running, the new port authority can be beneficial two-fold.

It can offer assistance to existing businesses while helping to attract new ones.

We view a port authority as a no-lose proposition. Should it create just one new business for the county or help a struggling one survive, the Monroe County Port Authority will be deemed a success.