Dear Editor

A decade ago US military forces were in the Middle East and we as a people were exposed to and disgusted by the treatment of Middle Eastern women. Now we are standing quietly by as states by bills to undermine and devalue the women of this country.

Recently Texas passed a voter ID law that was focused on eliminating women voters. By law women must use their maiden name as a middle name on driver’s licenses but that law did not apply to other documents. Now all documents must match exactly. Having Mrs. on one document and not the other will disqualify a vote. This is just Texas, if you add North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, we begin to have a pattern.

Shortly after Texas passed its law; Wisconsin passed its law requiring women to carry Rape insurance. My first reaction was that I misunderstood but I didn’t. It is rape insurance.

How can a country go backward so fast? There are a few very dedicated people pushing us backward while the majority sit quietly on the sideline. The problem is that the majority is now on the defensive and sitting quietly on the sideline is stealing the future of our daughters and granddaughters.

How do we save the future of our young women?

With votes! Volunteer. Start by getting involved. Make sure that your own right to vote is secure. Help parents and grandparents secure the proper IDs to vote. Then expand your efforts to anyone that may need help getting registered.

Volunteer to fill a form, to transport a neighbor and if possible to defer some of the cost, but whatever you do “Get off of the sideline”

Martha Starkey

Valley Grove, WV