Dear Editor,

I want to thank all of you folks who voted for Mr. Obama.

I want to say thanks for the health care mess, the electric bills going up, Benghazi, that no one will give answers for, four of our people died over there and still over a year later, No Answers. Iraq, that has been taken back by AlQuida, a lot of our children were killed over there and where did it get us – NOTHING. Also, thanks for the name calling, racism, that Obama keeps talking about when he doesn’t get his own way. From what I have heard, this man is half-white also, just saying. I love paying for his vacation and golfing trips that cost us billions of dollars, and maybe I am jealous cause I haven’t had even a weekend vacation that you all paid for.

I also want to thank you all and Bill Clinton, who signed the NAFTA agreement, that sent jobs everywhere but here and again, Mr. Obama for all those shovel ready jobs that cost us millions for maybe 30 workers. And other, Thanks, for Solyndra, who closed the plant down after us giving them billions of dollars, no money given back. I’d love to see the CEO’s homes:).

And another thanks for all our dead eagles, where the windmills are planted, and have we ever gotten any power from them? Let me know. How about the coal power plants shutting down because we can’t use our own natural resources, but the coal can be sent to China and they use it. Another thanks for possibly Mr. Obama shutting down our coal companies, lots of jobs will be lost in our area.

Thanks so much for all the regulations this administration is coming out with, I don’t like the idea of our country going toward Fascism. And, Mr. Obama, having free rein to do what he damned well pleases, sounds like our country is going into a dictator state, what the heck happened to our Constitution? And since you voted for him, it pleases me that you are going to be drug through the dirt same as I am.

Have you, since you love this man so much, realized that we cannot go on like we are, owing our souls to China, all this welfare, extending unemployment, and this Health Care mess, ask yourselves, where is this money coming from? No one is working. Are we willing to be slaves to China or the UN, well anyway you all must like it and who am I, one lone person who loves her freedom and still respects our flag and the men and women who died, to keep our Country free, what are we losing, what?

Okay, I have said enough … May God Bless this Country and all of you.

Barbara Redlinger