Murray Energy to sue EPA

WHEELING — Murray Energy Corp. Monday announced it would sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to combat what the company terms the EPA’s “illegal promulgation of senseless and destructive regulations, with absolutely no regard for their job and family destruction.”

Murray Energy is required by law to notify any federal agency in advance of such a lawsuit.

The company states in a press release that the federal Clean Air Act “clearly requires the Obama EPA to consider job losses in its issuance of regulations, and it has never complied with the law.”

In the notice, Murray Energy demands the EPA evaluate the job losses caused by its regulations. Over the past several years, according to Murray, the EPA has put forth a series of rules and regulations seeking to eliminate the domestic coal industry, and the jobs and low cost electricity that it provides.

“Unfortunately, we had no choice but to file this notice and lawsuit,” said Murray spokesman Gary M. Broadbent. “The Clean Air Act is crystal clear in requiring the EPA to evaluate the negative impact that their regulations will have on jobs, but they have repeatedly been derelict in their duty.

“We must defend these jobs, families, and America, and force the EPA and President Obama to comply with the law.”

Murray Energy advised that there will be further litigation against the EPA, but declined to elaborate. “This is just the first of several actions that we have undertaken to protect the livelihoods of coal miners and their families and to preserve low cost electricity in our country,” Broadbent said. “The illegal actions of the Obama EPA are a very human issue to the management and ownership of Murray Energy.”