War on Eagles

Dear Editor

For five years, President Barack Obama has delayed making a decision whether to allow construction of the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the United States.

Far worse, the fly-by-night and ever-so-green, Obama administration, recently sided with the wind-energy industry by relaxing a federal rule that now allows wind-turbine operators to go 30 years instead of just five years without proving at length that their giant machines aren’t killing bald and golden eagles.

But now, it seems like a gaping hole in the rules, apparently allows anyone who feels like it to fly under the radar and slap up a wind tower.

The fact is, windmills is a constant threat to whack-an-eagle and a harsh reality for many birds in the wild.

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fact sheet, notes that while all bird species are equally vulnerable to wind turbines, eagles appear to be particularly susceptible.

While the Obama tree-huggers poses as having a very green track record – when it suits their agenda, of course, they likely won’t be putting this genie back in the bottle, and they can’t make a “dead eagle” flyable … not now or ever.

Robert Johnson