Hoffmann House closes doors

SHADYSIDE – One of the oldest businesses in Shadyside, Hoffmann House, will close in April.

Hoffmann House first opened in 1928 by Andy and Lorraine Hoffmann. He began selling radios and was an electrician by trade.

“Andy started selling La- Z-Boys in 1929,” said John Visnic, the current owner of Hoffmann House. “They were one of the first La-Z-Boy dealer.”

Visnic has owned Hoffmann House for the last 30 years, when it was willed to him by Lorraine.

“I’ve had the business for 30 years after Mrs. Hoffman (Lorraine) passed away and she willed this store to me in her will. I helped them all the time for years and I helped Andy deliver furniture for quite a few years,” Visnic said. “He passed away in 1980 and Lorrain came down and ran the store and I partically ran the store for her.”

When Lorraine passed away, the store was passed on to Visnic.

“I have been running it for 30 years and had a very successful business here. I have brought people in here from Charleston to Zanesville to Columbus as far as Pittsburgh for furniture,” Visnic said. “This store never ever believed in a sale. We believed in giving people a good, fair price everyday.”

Hoffmann House not only prides itself on fair prices and not cheating its customers, they also believe in selling quality furniture. Besides La-Z-Boy, Hoffmann House has carried such furniture types such as Berne and Tell City Furniture.

Visnic states that still has 45 La-Z-Boy chairs in stock that he needs to get rid of before he can close his doors for good. All the remaining chairs are fairly priced. The building itself is not going on the market right away said Visnic.

“I am 76 years old and it is time to retire,” said Visnic. “My wife (Phyllis J. Visnic) and I want to travel and enjoy ourselves. We have done very good in this store.”

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