Presidents’ Day

Today, Americans take time to pay tribute to the men who – since the time our nation claimed its independence – have led our country.

We can all look back and remember most of the presidents who have been in office during our lives. There are certainly some presidents who can be considered more favorable than others. In recent years, some folks simply loved Ronald Reagan, while some others idolized Bill Clinton. George W. Bush even had some die-hard fans.

Current President Barack Obama has drawn mixed reviews as his second term is now playing out.

History shows that each of these men who served as president of the United States from the time of George Washington until today has contributed something significant. It’s inevitable because of the nature of the job. Some have flown under the radar more than others in terms of historical significance.

Others have been elevated to the level of American icons – Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and others have become towering figures in our nation’s history and continue to inspire and influence others long after their times.

The Presidents’ Day holiday is not just a day off for some schools, government agencies and banks. It’s an opportunity for all Americans to study about the history of the presidency and the men who served in the nation’s highest post.

It’s got to be the most important and the toughest job in the world, and while American presidents are often targets for criticism, the position is one that deserves deep respect from any patriot who loves their country.