Bellaire Safety


Background checks for village employees.

You would think that would be a given when you are speaking of people in a position of public safety and trust.

Well I can sadly inform you that are not the case in Bellaire, Ohio.

While I am not going to mention names on this letter to the editor, hiring by the village departments has many local people concerned.

I am, personally, all in for second chances, normally. However, hiring people with extensive criminal records to key positions within the village Government is asking for liability issues.

I would ask yourself this question, then back it up with a call to the Mayor’s office;

“Do you feel safe having people with extensive criminal records working for a village Govt., especially someone in a position where a slight mistake could cause harm to so many people?”

I am NOT trying to start a panic, but I am willing to put myself above the “uncaring curve” which seems to be infecting our people here.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Dan Brown