Obamacare Revisited

Dear Editor:

Permit me to weigh in again about the affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The unfortunanate enrollment start up and the President’s mistatement of “you can keep your current insurance if you want to,” has resulted in a negative perception of the law.

Some people who had cheap health insurance, called by some “junk Insurance”, had their policies canceled as their limited policies failed to meet the minimum (far better) service and protection coverage that Obamacare requires of all health insurance policies.

In a smalll number of cases, replacement Obamacare policies cost more, in either premiums or deductables, for those people who didn’t qualify for a Government subsidy. Only about two percent of people, who didn’t qualify for a subsidy, needed to sign up for Obamacare at a higher health insurance policy cost.

One person I know, of the two percent that had to pay more, could only afford the premiums of the lowest cost Obamacare insurance offered. The co-pays and deductables of Obamacare were slightly higher than they were for their previous junk insurance. However, the Obamacare mandated services and protections were so much greater than their junk policy.

Under an Obamacare policy people would be getting many free preventive care services such as annual physicals.

Further, prior to Obamacare you could be dropped if you had a pre-existing condition or your treatment cost had reached a limited ceiling. For example let’s say you had some childhood health condition and suddenly, heaven forbid, you were diagnosed with brain cancer. Unlike many of the junk policies, under Obamacare your health insurance couldn’t be canceled because of the pre-eixting condition, and your treatment couldn’t never be ended even if it cost in the millions of dollars.

Two more great benefits of Obamacare are the additional millions of people covered under Medicaid, and the coverage of young people up to age 26 who can remain covered under their parents insurance.

Yes a small minority of people have to slightly adjust their budgets to cover more expensive Obamacare health care, but everyone is getting so much more health care benefits and protection for their money.

When Obamacare shakes out in the near future more than 30 million additional people will have health insurance and our society will be far healthier.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville