Arizona Bill

Dear Editor,

I read where the governor of Arizona has vetoed a bill that would discriminate against homosexuals. The bill was foolish. You cannot legislate morality. It speaks to a bigger problem within the Christian community.

We took a wrong turn back in the 1980’s. The Falwells of this country thought that the Moral Majority movement could change the United States. Christianity was so interested in changing government in this country that it forgot its main mission. We are here to change the hearts of man. Again, you cannot legislate morality. Christianity got identified with big business, greed, and power. Televangelist were spouting a false prosperity gospel and falling by the way with their own sins, example Jimmy Swaggart and James Baker. The church turned inward and became a social club and not a place of redemption from sin and true worship. We developed a feel good philosophy that was more interested in growth of numbers instead of saving of souls. Our children were sent off to special Sunday school classes during the sermon and missed what few pastors may have been preaching the true word of God.

Over the years we became the Laodicean church. Now we are neither hot nor cold, just a warm mash of pew dwelling, non involved, act like everyone else hypocrites.

I hope that last statement angers you as a Christian.

Jesus said we are to go out and save the world. We are to give hope through the shed blood of Jesus Christ to a dying world. You say to me that people don’t want to hear that. So what? I rather try to plant a seed in the heart of the lost than to see that soul lost to Hell. Are you going to hide your one talent as the man who was given a talent did? Remember what happen to him? He was thrown into the outer darkness where there is pain and gnashing of teeth.

The time is short. Society is falling apart and going down the wide path. It’s time to stop being a C.I.N.O. (Christian in name only) and start reaping the harvest. Tell someone today that Jesus loves them, as you love them. Help them grasp on to the eternal hope of a Savior, the Son of God, who died for all OUR sins…mine included.


Randy Marple