Deserving Justice

Dear Editor,

The Supreme Court is now looking at a homicide case in which the subject has a low IQ and is currently on death row.

The court, in the past, has ruled that an individual with an IQ below 70 cannot be executed regardless of the crime.

The man in question kidnapped and murdered a 21-year-old pregnant woman. He also killed a sheriff’s deputy and was on parole for assault with intent to commit rape when he killed the 21-year-old pregnant woman.

I’m sure to catch flack for what I’m about to say: “If you do the crime, you should do the time.” If you commit murder you should pay the penalty.

A rabid dog is not responsible for its actions, however, it must be put down for the safety of all.

It’s not that I’m comparing animals with people; but, if the court ruling stands, we will have a never ending supply of “innocent by reason of mental disability” cases.

The victims’ survivors are also entitled to justice.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville