Keep the Dispatchers

Dear Editor,

Martins Ferry should keep the dispatchers as they perform invaluable services to the community and it’s Police Department. They are familiar with the city and perform multiple tasks. It’s much easier to deal with a local person who knows the city, its geography and area. I can recall an instance when a distress call was received by the dispatcher and the caller was unable to provide her address. She had fallen in an alleyway and was notably confused. The dispatcher was able to persuade the lady to describe her surroundings, buildings, and even the color of a vehicle parked nearby. Using this information, the E-Squad was able to locate her.

The missing 777:

In regard to the alleged flotsam in the water: Has anyone suggested that it may have been planted, i.e. dropped from a plane or passing ship as a way to disrupt searchers?

Food for Thought:

Drug companies can make more money by selling treatments rather than cures.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville