The HCRHP mapping dinner, other matters

LARGE framed photographs of Hanna/Consolidation Coal shovels, an artist’s limited edition print, ballast from The Silver Spade, a framed prototype drawing of the world’s largest shovel and a basket of goodies are among the auction items at a dinner/auction planned May 10 at the Hopedale Social Hall.

The dinner was among the matters discussed when the Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park organization and the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Historic Construction Equipment Association met recently at the Puskarich Public Library for an annual membership meeting.

Also discussed was the ongoing investigation of radiator thefts at the park outside New Athens.

The HCRHP owns the park equipment and leases the location west of New Athens on Ohio 519, from Consolidation Coal Co.

A spokesperson said, “The Ohio Valley HCEA Chapter are members of our organization but also our hard-working men and women who repair the machinery and operate them during our ‘Old Construction and Surface Mining Show’ the first weekend of September, every year.”

As to the thefts, the spokesperson said that over the winter, several radiators were stolen from some of the historical group’s machines. There are suspects, but they have not as yet been apprehended. Anyone having information about these thefts is asked to contact the New Athens Police Department. There is a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of these thieves.

This year, the organization will mark its 20th annual dinner/auction. Doors for the May 10 event will open at 5 p.m. at the Hopedale Social Hall, East Main Street. Dinner will begin at 6 p.m. with the auction to follow at 7:30 p.m. The dinner will include fried chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, beans, salad and dessert. Soft and mixed drinks will be available throughout the evening.

The auctioneer will be Bill Host of Bowerston. He also is a Harrison County commissioner.

There will be a sales table with shirts, caps and books and several tables of auction items.

The group expressed appreciation to artist Dave Barnhouse, who has donated a limited edition print, 20 by 30 inches, framed by Carl Streley. This print is No. 1088 out of 1500. It’s called “Never Too Busy” and features a farmer in his barn with a John Deere tractor and his little granddaughter. This print was released in 2001. Bids may be put in on this item and others ahead of time. If unable to attend the auction and wishing to bid, contact Claren Blackburn after 5 p.m. at 740-937-2460.

Also, on the auction block will be ten 16 x 20 framed photos of each of Hanna’s /Consolidation Coal Co. shovels that worked in Harrison County from the 1940s through 2006. Coal glasses, patches, insignias, Hanna Coal magazines from the ’40s and ’50s, a coal-related lighter and a series of “Silver Spade” photos also will be available.

Vineyard 22 is offering a basket of goodies, and there will be several jars of ballast and metal stampings from The Silver Spade. Ballast was used as a counterweight to the weight of the boom and bucket and was housed in the back of the shovel carriage.

These donations came from Dale Davis, Don Richards, Carl Streley, Wampum Hardware, Marilyn Monzula and Claren Blackburn.

One unusual picture is a framed prototype drawing of The Captain, the world’s largest shovel ever built. This was a Marion 6360, with a 215-foot boom and 185- yard bucket. It was purchased by Southwestern Illinois Coal Co., and was the crown jewel of the company’s Captain Mine near Percy, Ill. The Captain was introduced in 1965. This pictures came from the estate of Jerry White who had been vice president of sales and manufacturing for the Canton Tool Manufacturing Co.

There will be other items as well as these. The public is invited to donate items to help us out. Donations do not have to be coal-related, and those interested in donating may contact Davis at 740-391-4135 or Don Richards at 740-937-2178.

Tickets are on sale now for $15 and may be purchased by sending a check or money order to the HCRHP at P.O. Box 403, Cadiz, OH 43907. Reservations also may be phoned to Monzula at 740-942-3895 or Blackburn at 740-937-2460.

The group noted how the dinner/auction will help to preserve some of the Harrison County coal history.