Vote Tuesday

IF YOU are a registered voter and have not cast an early ballot, Tuesday is your day.

Local early voting has been slower than in year’s past. Hopefully, that will lead to a robust turnout at the polls.

The May primary in Ohio is void of heavyweight candidate battles. There are no contested races in Belmont County and only a few in Harrison, Jefferson and Monroe counties.

However, key issues dot the Eastern Ohio ballot.

Many school districts and communities have vital funding issues on the line Tuesday. The fate of those issues may mean the difference from major cutbacks to restoring a sense of normalcy in operations.

Two of the marquee levies are the Bellaire School District and Pease Township.

This is the eighth try for Bellaire schools in an attempt for new revenue. The district is nearing exodus from the state loan fund and levy passage would mean many programs could be restored.

Pease Township has felt the brunt of Local Government Funding. Should voters pass the levy, it would result in street lights being turned back on, streets would be repaired and dilapidated structures razed.

Those are just two of a host of local issues awaiting voters.

Statewide, voters will be deciding the fate of Issue 1. Passage would trigger major infrastructure work throughout Ohio. It has drawn strong support from Democrats and Republicans alike. It also comes at no cost to taxpayers.

As has been demonstrated many times in recent years right here in this area, a handful of votes — even one vote — can make all the differences in the outcome.

Polls will be open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Election Day. Voters choosing to head to the polls need to bring the proper form of ID and know their polling place and precinct. Voters can check their polling place and precinct and get other important voting information by visiting

So if you haven’t voted early, please do so Tuesday.