If the JB Green Team, the Recycling Program for Belmont County had an Award for Recycler of the Year, I would nominate my 92 year old aunt, Lillian Yanak. Lillian goes to extreme lengths to recycle every piece of paper, plastic and aluminum can that enters her home.

She washes every plastic container, removes every piece of paper from every can (and recycles them separately).

She removes the Campbell’s Soup labels from cans and donates them to a local school before she recycles the can. She is an amazing role model for caring for this beautiful planet. Aunt Lill believes that we all should leave our environment better than we found it.

The amount of garbage she sends to the land fill every week would fit into a single plastic Kroger bag. The world would be a cleaner, healthier place if we all followed her lead.

Brenda Rinkes