“Pride of the Valley’

Dear Editor:

I would like to preface the following by stating that I have the utmost respect for the outstanding work and laudatory achievements of the Martins Ferry City School District and certainly harbor no ill will toward any entity or individual who have chosen to refer to the City of Martins Ferry as the “Purple City” or variations of such terminology as the use of such descriptive verbage is delivered with the most positive intent.

However, and I have recently had this verified during a meeting of the Martins Ferry City Council the official, long-time motto of our great city is: “Pride of the Valley,” and, I feel such best encapsulates the spirit of our residents of the past, present and future and that such is essentially a more inclusive statement that positively reflects the character of our community as a whole.

Other area communities have similar such mattos that they feel best describes their respective municipalities such as: Bellaire: “The All American TOwn”; St. Clairsville: “Paradise on The Hilltop” and Wheeling: The Friendly City” just to name a few.

All I am certain, are also quite proud, and rightfully so, of their respective school systems, but have embraced perhaps more inclusive slogans for their wonderful communities.

When a slogan such as “Purple City” is used to describe our community, it also inadvertently excludes other schools of a private/parochial nature of which residents attend, as well as the many residents who have relocated to the area and have attended other schools.

Also, the motto “Pride of the Valley” is more inclusive to all city residents, businesses, schools, etc. and one for which we all can, and should be, very proud and I feel ,should be more universally utilized to better help promote our fair city.

Thank You.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry