Dear Editor,

I don’t know if you all have been watching our Congressional hearings on Fast and Furious in Mexico, Benghazi, IRS or NSA, but have you noticed something odd? Not one of those people have been held accountable for anything. No arrests or even firings.

Let’s start with Benghazi. We had all those people testifying in Congress and nothing was accomplished. Nothing! We had Hillary Clinton sitting there and she kept going around in circles, with no respect to the people questioning her (can you see her in Judge Fregiato’s court room?) Then she had the nerve to say “What does it matter now, they are DEAD. I best if any of those guys were her daughter, there would be answers and someone arrested and put in Guantanamo or dead. Nothing was done, nothing, where were all those promises from Obama and Mrs. Clinton, that the people who did the killing would be found and punished, here we go again. Nothing being done, and you want her as President?

How about those hearings on the gun running, Fast and Furious, where one of our Border Patrol Agents was murdered, what about him? Holder testified, then again, Nothing, was done. He’s still working, what the heck are you people holding these hearings when you won’t do anything about the people who did wrong?

Let’s move on to the IRS. How about Mrs. Lerner pleading the fifth, then literally giving a testimony swearing she did nothing wrong. Well, guys and gals, if that were us we’d be fired and in jail, not sitting at home collecting our pay for doing nothing, but in Washington, it seems as if the more you do wrong, the easier it is to get away with it. As long as you work in Washington, you can get away with anything, maybe we the people should find a great investigator and show Washington how it’s supposed to be done, since they are not doing the job they were voted to do.

Then we have the NSA, amazing, I truly don’t think Mr. Snowden is a hero, BUT, what in the heck were they thinking, we still have a Constitution yet. Didn’t the NSA think that they would get caught tapping all our phones? They are supposed to get Warrants to do such things. If we the people did that, they would throw us in jail, not let us keep working as they are.

What does Mr. ISSA think he is doing? Get a private investigator and then file some charges, this is totally ridiculous. There should be some firings and some of these people should be put in jail, in with the general population, not a federal fancy one either. So Mr. Issa, either get something done or stop the madness. Where is the spine of our Congressmen and Women? They treat US like we are totally stupid, but them leaving these people off with a free get out of jail card, is totally ridiculous.

Now we have the IRS targeting Conservatives, amazing again, the FBI investigating, not one of those people (Conservatives) were questioned, but the IRS was found within days of no wrong doing.

I’d like to know if that were one of us people out here did the same thing, could we plan on a trip to the local prison?

I’m just curious about how anyone can get away with the things they do and there is no Justice for them.

Mr. Issa, please let me give you free advice, all these people who are doing all the wrong things, quit treating them like they are your friends, let them know you mean business and are going to get an out of Washington investigator and prosecutor to take care of these matters. Most people here in the US, Mr. Issa, are kept in jail or out on bail while the investigation keeps on going, not sitting at home on their butt collecting money for nothing. Why are you allowed to investigate yourselves? We aren’t permitted to do that? And aren’t all these people innocent, when they are investigated from within?

Don’t ask where the money is to come from, take it out of Obama’s vacations that have costs the people billions of dollars, or keep Air Force One on the ground, stop with the golf games, tell the POTUS to stay home and do what those people voted him in to do, or don’t allow Mrs. obama to get that face lift.

Spend our money for something good instead.

Thank you for reading this letter. God Bless all you servicemen and women out there. Thanks soooo much.

Barb Redlinger