King James

Dear Editor,

It has now been four years since LeBron James, recognized by many as the most talented basketball player of the planet, was the chief architect of the self-aggrandizing ostentatious theatrical production announcing that he had decided to essentially “abandon” his “hometown” team, the Cleveland Cavalier, in order to take his considerable talents to “South Beach” to join the Miami Heat and partner with two of the other most outstanding and productive players in the N.B.A., namely Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, another recently acquired free-agent. This nationally broadcast event was infamously known as “The Decision.”

During what many have perceived as a disgracely display of bragadocio and self-indulgence LeBron stated that the newly transformed Heat would now win not “1,2,3,4,5 or 6” championships and would apparently reign as champions ad infinitum.

However, although the heat have been quite successful, appearing in the N.B.A., championship finals during the previous four seasons, winning two, their performances in this year’s finals gave a strong indication that the Heat’s dominance maybe a thing of the past, while being completely dismantled by the San Antonio Spurs, losing four out of the five contests played by the largest points differential in the long history of the N.B.A. finals.

For the most part, it appeared that the Heat were their most competitive when James essentially dominated on the court, collating his talented teammates to perform as “role players.”

James contracturally now has the preogative to opt out of his contract with the Heat. If LeBron does decide to “opt out,” I would hope he would consider returning to the Cavaliers, as the Cavs are now stockpiled with talented young players and also have the top pick in the upcoming N.B.A. draft, which should strengthen the team even further.

Such would also permit him to more positively finish the job he had started, as those of greatness are what to do and professional return “home” (he continues to reside in near-by Akron, Ohio, in the off season) and help bring the long-suffering Cleveland sports fans our first professional championship since 1964.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry