Shame on Andy!


The last time I stopped at the Ohio State House in Columbus to visit Andy Thomson (R) on behalf of the Upper Ohio Valley (AFL-CIO) Central Labor Council, which I am a member of, we both had a talk about the Right-to -Work laws.

Just as I thought, Mr. Thompson (R) supports Right-to-Work for less and will vote that way when this bill gets on the floor. We will all be paid like Wal-Mart workers with no benefits. They just want to put profits before people to end unions as we know them..

Ohio is powered by our middle class. For example, mine workers, nurses, construction workers, auto workers, prison guards, steelworkers. police, firemen, government workers, health care and human services and teachers, who shape our future, keep us safe. drive our economy, keep our lights on and power our factories.

Now the mine workers, power plant workers and railroad employees are fighting regulations with the EPA. On July 31st, a big protest and march will take place in Pittsburgh, Pa. about the EPA rules and regulations. .

A lot of us are struggling, working two jobs to pay the bills and /or keeping our pensions and jobs secure.

Just look at Ormet. Andy Thompson and Governor Kasich did not help them in their time of need.

That is why I am supporting Charlie Daniels for the 95th State House Representative and Ed Fitzgerald for Ohio Governor. Their promise to Ohio’s working class and middle class families is they will never have to fear these kind of attacks on workers if they are elected in November. “Charlie Daniels and Ed Fitzgerald will always put PEOPLE before POLITICS!”.