‘Remembering Bucky’

Dear Editor,

I must state that I am quite saddened and somewhat dismayed by the recent systematic killing of a much loved and very “People Friendly” deer, affectionately known as “Bucky” in Clarington, Ohio, by a wildlife officer, employed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The wildlife officer, who was dispatched to unceremoniously terminate the life of this “sweet and innocent” deer, was most assuredly following orders, but I question as to why death was the only option when most reasonable and humane individuals would consider such only when all other possible options had failed.

It has been reported that “Bucky” had been “roaming around town for months, playing with adults and children alike and eating food from resident’s hands,” and as a result of “Bucky’s kind, loving and trusting nature toward humans was “rewarded” with the taking of his life.

Why could “Bucky” not have been taken to a safe haven where he could have continued to live a long, happy and safe life?

Learning that “Bucky” is killing was also most unfortunately witnessed by innocent youngsters, who now may well be haunted by the execution of their beloved animal friend, is insensitive as well as unconscionable.

I would like to see a full investigation take place regarding this most unfortunate incident.

I would also hope that a full explanation, complete with an apology for the lack of apparent sensitivity in the handling of this matter will also soon be forthcoming from those responsible.

Perhaps such a disturbing act will serve as inspiration to officials to revise the “law” tat led to this most unfortunate killing of this fine animal.

If so, perhaps “Bucky’s death will not be in vain.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry