Wells trustees OK curb project

BRILLIANT – Extension of a curb on Third Street along the Brilliant Volunteer Fire Department property recently was approved by the Wells Township trustees, who also answered a query about repaving on Bevis Road.

Mike Nichols, representing the fire department, asked permission to extend the curb on Third Street at the department’s expense in order to create a grass area for a sign. A motion concerning the request was OK’d.

A resident asked if a date had been set for repaving Bevis Road. Trustees noted that due to time and budget constraints, the repaving work probably will have to be considered next year.

Another resident asked if a camper with an extension pulled out can be parked on the street without being a traffic hazard. He was told the trustees and police department are checking the existing state codes regarding the situation.

Trustees commended Charles Nest, pool manager, for “a fine job” this year at the pool and expressed the hope that he will return as manager next year.

As requested by Police Chief John Ingram, trustees granted full-time status to Officer Doug Viola.

A motion was approved to allow a 25-foot setback rather than a 30-foot one for a home being constructed in the 1600 block of Hukill Street.

Trustees held a 17-minute executive session to discuss property issues, and no action was taken on the issues.

In answer to a question about whether responsibility had been determined for Jefferson 19, trustees said the survey is not done.

Trustee John Goosman thanked the Soil and Water workers for installing labels on the storm drains.

A motion to pay bills totaling $163,135.32 was given approval.

Trustee Joe Ellis noted the next meeting of the trustees will be at Rush Run.